Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Caring for your jewelry properly helps it last a nice long time. I try to make pieces that you can enjoy for many years (hopefully forever!). Have a look at the following tips and tricks to better take care of your sparkles. 

In General...

Be careful with your jewelry! Repeated dropping, banging, or catching the piece will weaken it over time.

I recommend that you remove your jewelry for any activity such as swimming, gardening, and exercising.  Stones are made by the earth, not by me. I can't guarantee any stone’s longevity (even diamonds!), so store them in a safe place when you want to go wild on your adventures (like at the gym, riding your bike, cleaning your house, or playing in the dirt). 
If you want to give your jewelry a little extra sparkle, I am happy to do that for you if you're local to the Raleigh/Durham area for a small fee (depending on how much jewelry you need cleaned). Otherwise warm water, Dawn dish soap and a very soft brush will do the trick. I also sell polishing cloths that work wonders on silver, gold, and brass. 
Commercial jewelry cleaning solutions can be harsh and should be avoided with stone jewelry. I do not recommend cleaning your jewelry in any commercial jewelry cleaner or ultrasonic cleaning device--they can be pretty rough on softer stones (such as opals, kyanite, labradorite or moonstone). 

Storage Ideas

Store your jewelry in a clean and organized space. Constant tangling of chains can weaken them over time, and diamonds can scratch other stones and metals if they are kept closely together. In more humid climates, I recommend storing jewelry with with desiccant pack or in a cool dry space. 

Stone Advice

Do not clean opals or other soft stones.  I am happy to clean them for you. 

All stones have a different level of durability. Please handle of your precious jewelry with care. Even the hardest stones can break (diamonds, rubies, Moissanites, and sapphires). 

Keep opals and turquoise away from prolonged sunlight or high heat to avoid damage.